Off-Wrap™ Squeegee + 3 Wet Buffers Kit


Buffer Placement Guide
Squeegee Flexibility


- 3 Off-Wrap™ Buffers for Wet Application

- 1 Off-Wrap™ Squeegee Card. Choose your flexibility combination.

- Firm Card: Hard 

- Flex Card: Semi-Flexible 

- Soft Card: Ultra-Flexible 


- Use Wet. For optimal performance, pair with our Squeegee Lube.

Off-Wrap™ Squeegee Card + 3 Buffers Kit

Maximize your vinyl wrapping capabilities. This kit equips you with our top-tier squeegees, each designed for specific aspects of vinyl application, from flat surfaces to intricate, curved areas. Paired with our premium buffers, you're assured a scratch-free, efficient wrapping process every time.

Firm Card: Ideal for ensuring a smooth, flawless finish in both wet and dry applications, offering unmatched durability.

Flex Card: Its semi-flexible design perfectly balances flexibility and solidity, adapting to slightly curved surfaces seamlessly.

Soft Card: The ultimate squeegee for challenging curves and recessed areas, providing a seamless and impeccable finish with its unparalleled flexibility.

Buffers: Tailored to fit our 4-inch squeegees, these buffers enhance your squeegee's glide, protect the vinyl from scratches, and ensure maximum edge coverage for precise installations.


- For wet applications

- Exceptional glide for a seamless application

- Maximum edge coverage

- Scratch-Free Performance


- Vinyl Wraps

- PPF installations

- Signs & Graphics

*Special Note

We are committed to perfection. Currently, our Flex and Soft cards are experiencing minor aesthetic issues upon buffer removal — the Flex may peel up a small clear film, and the Soft leaves behind adhesive. These are purely cosmetic and easily solved by applying a new buffer. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and are actively refining all our products. Until perfected, enjoy our squeegee cards at a special discounted rate.

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