Off-Wrap™ Flex - Wet/Dry Squeegees



Off-Wrap™ Flex - Semi-Flexible Vinyl Wrap Squeegee

Experience total performance with Off-Wrap™ Squeegees, designed for superior glide, long-lasting durability, scratch-free performance, and versatility in both wet and dry vinyl wrap applications. Crafted with the best materials, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish for every wrap project.

Our Flex squeegee features a 4-inch nylon card combined with our premium soft buffer, providing the perfect amount of flexibility to conform to any surface while still being solid enough to ensure no air pockets get left behind. This unique balance makes it perfect for conforming to curved areas and complex surfaces in any vinyl wrap installation.

Quality is a priority to us, which is why our squeegees are built to last. Manufactured in the USA, our squeegees are sewn to maximize longevity and have become the wrap squeegee of choice for the world's best wrap installers.


- Scratch-free performance

- Best glide to facilitate installation

- Sewn to maximize longevity

- Textured grip

- Built to last


- Vinyl Wraps

- Chrome Wraps

- PPF installations

- Signs & Graphics

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews

Does exactly what it needs to, gets in the body line really nicely as it is flexible but still has the firmness to push down

Scott Eakins
Quality Product

I would say best line of wrap squeegees out there. Love that you can get a subscription.

Noel Jimenez
Wish there was a way to get sponsored with these.

I was skeptical when I was considering trying these a while back but once I finally pulled the trigger. Now after signing up for a subscription every month I must say I won’t ever go with another squeegee. Great quality

Pretty Good

The aesthetic is great, but I wish the swueegees had a Teflon coating. Other than that their pretty good quality, the felt is good quality, I do wish it would stay wet for a longer, but that’s not a big deal.

The wrap gloves are fantastic quality, and the fact they come in small is great, so I will be sticking with these from now on since their the exact same feel as ghost wrap glove

We appreciate your feedback and the opportunity for us to improve our products.

Teflon-coated Firm Squeegees coming soon!

Manny Avila
Can't go back...

Hard to go back to anything else after using these! They feel solid and do the job well!