May 1, 2023

Performance disguised as elegance.

Performance disguised as elegance - that's the essence of the Shadow glove. We've merged our signature Silk Touch coating with a sleek, black finish to create a product that promises unmatched glide and precise performance for vinyl wrap installations.

Glove Features that Speak for Themselves

Our Shadow glove is built for comfort, durability, and most importantly, efficiency. Here's what sets it apart:

Stitch-free fingertips: A seamless design to enhance precision during application.

Smooth glide: The Silk Touch Shadow coat offers an effortless experience during application.

Seamless finish: We've ensured a perfect fit and feel with a seamless finish that feels like an extension of your hand.

Long-lasting: Crafted for durability, this glove will see you through numerous wrap projects.

Cut-resistant: Our glove offers excellent cut resistance.

Excelling in vinyl wraps, chrome wraps, and PPF installations, this glove is built for versatility and performance.

The Off-Wrap™ Shadow Vinyl Wrap Glove is now available.

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